Facts about condoms

A condom is a form of protection made out of thin material such as latex or plastic that can be put on the penis or on sex toys when you have sex or masturbate. 

A condom stops the transmission of venereal diseases by preventing mucous membranes, secretions and semen from coming into contact with each other. A condom is therefore a good solution when you want to enjoy sex without having to worry about sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancy. 

Condoms are only a few hundredths of a millimetre thin and they are available in different sizes, shapes, tastes and materials. There are also vagianal condoms, which are put inside the vagina or anus instead of being put on the penis or on a dildo.

The best thing is to try out different condoms in order to find out which one suits you best and is most enjoyable for you and the people you have sex with. Masturbating while wearing a condom is an excellent way of testing and excersising your condom skills.