Size matters

The size of a condom refers to its width, which is measured when the ring on the condom is contracted. It is the width that determines how the condom fits, since it is linked to the size or circumference of the penis.

Condoms vary in width from approx. 45 to 69 mm. A well-fitting condom will result in better sex! If the condom is too tight, you will lose your erection or the condom can tear, but if it is too large it can easily slip off. To find out which size fits you, you can measure the circumference of your penis when it is erect. The best thing is to test different condoms to find out which is most comfortable for you.

Here is a size table for condoms, based on penis circumference:

Penis circumference / Condom width

  • 7-9 cm / 45-47 mm
  • 9-11 cm / 49-52 mm
  • 11-12 cm / 53-54 mm
  • 12-13 cm / 55-57 mm
  • 13-15 cm / 58-60 mm
  • 15-17 cm / 64 mm
  • 17-18 cm / 69 mm

The length of the condom doesn't really matter. If the condom is too long, it can be pulled down and gathered in the middle and then rolled out fully. The condom can also be pulled over the scrotum if you like.

If it is hard to get the condom to stay in place, you can use a penis ring. Penis rings can also help to maintain erection and increase enjoyment.