Washing your penis once a day with lukewarm water is enough to keep it clean. If you wash it too often or if you use soap, the skin can easily dry out and it may start to itch. You can avoid unnecessary irritation if you wash your penis like this:

  1. Pull back the foreskin if you have one
  2. Shower/Wash the inside of the foreskin and the glans with lukewarm water
  3. Using your fingers, rub a little on the inside of the glans and inside of the foreskin so as to remove dirt and old smegma.

Avoid using soap. If you use soap too often, you increase the risk of irritation. Soap also removes the natural protection against bacteria and fungal infection.



Rashes and red spots on the penis and glans may be the result of too much washing. If you get a rash and red spots, this is a sign that you should avoid using soap. If the skin is dry, you can smear your penis with unscented oil. Get advice before you use creams or ointments to treat a rash.