The scrotum is the bag of skin that hangs down under the penis and which contains the balls or testicles. The scrotum also contains the epididymides, vasa deferentia and blood vessels.


The testicles are egg-shaped. They produce sperm and the hormone testosterone. Testosterone affects how the body forms muscle, fat and bone. Testosterone also affects a person's sex drive. If you have a testosterone deficiency, your desire and interest in sex may decrease. A testosterone deficiency may also affect the ability to achieve or sustain an erection.

The scrotum constantly changes size in order to protect the testicles and their function. The testicles need to be at 34 °C in order to function, which is why the scrotum contracts or extends depending on the surrounding temperature.


The epididymides are located behind the testicles and link the testicles with the vasa deferentia. If you examine your scrotum with your fingers, you can feel the softer epididymides behind the testicles. Sperm mature and are stored inside the epididymides. 

Examine your scrotum

It is recommended that you examine your scrotum and testicles at intervals.