Signs of venereal disease

Here you can read about some common symptoms that could be caused by venereal diseases.

It is important to remember that you can have a venereal disease without having any symptoms, in other words without seeing or noticing anything in particular.

Stinging, pain, smarting or a burning sensation when you urinate

A stinging feeling now and again when urinating is not normally a sign of anything dangerous or that it is caused by a venereal disease. Sometimes it may sting after ejaculation or if you have not urinated for a long time, or if your urine is very concentrated. Feeling discomfort when you urinate may also be caused by prostate problems.

Itching in the penis, in the urethra, around the penis or anus.

Itching on or around the penis can also be a sign of skin irritation or eczema that is not caused by a venereal disease. Itching around the anus may be caused by haemorrhoids or skin irritation.

Sores or blisters on or around the penis or anus.

Sores can sometimes be caused by a lot of sex or masturbation and are not necessarily a sign of venereal disease. Cracks and bleeding from the anus may also be caused by haemorrhoids.


i.e. fluid that is not urine, semen or pre-ejaculate, coming from the urethra in the penis or from the anus.

Warts on and around the penis or by the anus

General pain in the genital area

Pain in the genital area may also be caused by problems with the testicles or prostate. 

Swollen lymph nodes in the groins.