Examining your scrotum

It is recommended that you examine your scrotum and testicles at intervals so that you know what your testicles normally feel like. This makes it easier to detect any changes.

It is easiest to examine the scrotum when standing up and it is good if you are in a place where you are warm and relaxed, for instance in the shower. Heat makes the scrotum larger and makes it easier to feel the testicles.

How to examine your scrotum:

  1. Lift up the scrotum and let it lie in one of your hands
  2. Use your other hand, for instance, thumb, index finger and middle finger, to examine it
  3. Carefully squeeze and feel one testicle at a time
  4. Finish off by feeling the entire scrotum.

The testicles should feel soft, a little slippery on the surface, and be smooth and even. They are often of different sizes and the left testicle is generally a little larger and slightly higher than the right testicle.

Check if there are any hard lumps, changes or swellings. Small lumps are usually not dangerous but if you detect something that has changed shape or size, you should go to see a doctor. If there is any pain or if the testicle is warm and swollen, this might be a sign of inflammation.

Medical examination

When you have a medical examination, a doctor or nurse will feel your testicles, epididymides, vasa deferentia and the blood vessels in the scrotum. You may be asked to give a urine sample and sometimes an ultrasound examination may be required.